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Connecting Dots

Stop Online Blackmail Now


Social media and online blackmailing can jeopardize your reputation while hurting your family and those around you. Cyber Guardian Security offers an alternative solution that aims to protect our clients' privacy and reputation.


We are a multi-national team of cybersecurity investigators dedicated to protecting your reputation from criminals that try to scam, extort, and blackmail you through the internet, apps, text messages or using social media.  Often scammers trick you to do an explicit video chat or to send photos that they use against you.  Paying them will not stop them--they will come back again and again for more money!

Cyber Guardian Security uses specialized technologies to identify and stop scammers from collecting money from you and ruining your life.  Let our digital investigation professionals find and stop these blackmailers and finally put an end to the extortion!


Please check with the Better Business Bureau before choosing a company. We are an BBB Accredited Business with an A rating.

Connecting Dots


"I was at the end of my rope and didn’t know what to do until I called your company.  I got scammed out of $500 and then they wanted more.  After I gave my information, your company took over and stopped these criminals and now I have my life back!  I’m glad that there is a company like yours because I didn’t know what to do.  Thank you sooooo much!"


  - D.W., Austin, Texas

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Completely Discrete & Confidential

You can trust our analysts to use the highest discretion and confidentiality to protect you and your sensitive issue(s).

Call us today for immediate assistance.

(800) 695-5957

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