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Sextortion Case | New Girlfriend or Online Blackmail?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022


The scam began way before he knew about it. Now Jordan doesn’t know what to do when the scammer is demanding money in two days or she will expose Jordan to his coworkers, friends, and family.

Let’s start at the beginning. Jordan met Emily on a popular dating app two weeks ago. He couldn’t believe that such a beautiful girl would be interested in him, but they hit it off immediately. Emily was the blond girl with blue eyes that every guy in high school would dream about. She said that she will be moving to Chicago next month because of a job transfer, which is only a one-hour drive from Jordan’s apartment. She told Jordan that she went on the dating app to meet new people in Chicago and said that she was wary of meeting strangers. Jordan assured her that he was not a ‘creeper”, and that he was a genuinely nice guy. They texted back and forth about their jobs, friends, and family and Jordan was hooked. They made plans to meet up in-person when Emily moves to her new place.

A few days ago, Emily said that she couldn’t wait. She suggested they talk on Skype online so that they could see each other and prove to each other that they are real. Jordan agreed and she called him. After seeing her on his computer, Jordan thought, ““Wow, this IS the same girl from the dating app!”. Emily texted Jordan that she couldn’t get her computer microphone to work, but it is amazing to be finally able to see him!

After a few minutes, Jordan watched Emily suggestively remove some of her clothes. She then told Jordan to do the same, texting “it will be fun”. Jordan was really attracted to Emily and couldn’t say “no”. After encouraging Jordan to perform several minutes of sexual explicit acts on his webcam, Emily hung up the call abruptly.

Jordan texted Emily, “what happened?”. Emily texted back a short sexually-explicit video of Jordan, with demands for a $500 moneygram within two days, or she would send the video to his coworkers, friends, and family. Jordan was crushed and felt foolish at first. But now, “Emily” is harassing him every few hours for the money, and Jordan is panicked and even thinking about sending the money. He’s been scammed!

Jordan’s case is called sextortion, and it’s a form of blackmail. The victim is approached by an attractive individual online, and coerced into exchanging explicit photos or videos. When the scammer has gained the compromising material, the financial demands begin. Even when victims send money, the extortionist will often ask for another payment a few days later.

Though it may be embarrassing to reach out for help in this situation, Cyber Guardian Security understands and is here to help. Often sextortionists are based overseas, making your situation more difficult. But our company has multinational experts and the technology to identify blackmailers and to get them to stop the harassment. Call us confidentially today at (800) 695-5957. Don’t get blackmailed! Hire a guardian to be on your side.

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